The NexTrade system permits customers to anonymously access any ECN or Market-Marker in the NASDAQ montage. Our ProTradetm software enables orders to be matched internally or directly entered into the NASDAQ dealer system.

Our user-friendly point and click technology provides unparalleled speed of order entry and execution.

Key Features of the NexTrade System

  • Rebate on all executions that add liquidity to the NexTrade ECN orderbook
  • 24 hour trading network, execute order anytime day or night
  • Anonymous access to all displayed NASDAQ quotes and all ECN orderbooks
  • ProTrade can be set up in minutes
  • Point and click technology
  • Cutting edge network connectivity over frame relay, ISDN, dedicated lines or even through an Internet connection
  • Windows 95, 98 and NT compatible
  • API, FIX or CMS interface available

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