Software Components

Market Data and Level II Pricing

Real time dynamic displays of Market Maker quotations combined with point and click order entry makes NexTrade the easiest way to trade OTC securities. Order entry screens pop-up with just a click to the bid or ask in the level II window. Detailed market size data is displayed along with a short term tick chart and extensive time and sales information. Level I price data is also included to give the user a snap shot of the nation's best bid and offer.

Reserve Order Book & Activity Management

With the NexTrade institutional order book you get an inside look at all the live orders in the NexTrade ECN. The reserve feature breaks up a single large order into a series of smaller orders and automatically feeds them into our system according to your trading parameters. The order book provides level I pricing data along with scrolling activity so you can track the order entry and order execution process. You can access an order book from the drop down menu or directly from the stock monitor, portfolio, activity, or level II just by double clicking on the appropriate symbols. You can also access an order book by right mouse clicking in the level II window or in the stock monitor and choose trade.

Whether you are trading a single security or a multi-part reserve order, the current status of all your orders is available in the activity screen embedded in the portfolio monitoring system. All activity can be sorted by side, size, action or transaction number and include all data needed to monitor your trades. Our one of a kind stock summary page allows you to quickly identify exactly what your current positions are in any or all securities. Our customizable platform allows you to design an interface unique to your tastes.

Portfolio and Risk Management

Managing risk is important in today's rapidly moving markets. The compliance shield provides a customizable real time trade blotter and trade tickets. Internal protections can be turned on or off to protect users against violating the short ticket rule or exceeding buying power restrictions. The display includes realized and unrealized P&L for trades initiated and closed in the ProTrade environment. Average price paid per share and many other vital portfolio parameters are included in our retail and Institutional product.

View up to 18 stocks simultaneously. Get bid, ask, high, low and volume information.

Time and Sales is available for Dow Jones and NASDAQ. You can also get a look at daily most active, advancers and decliners.

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