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SuccessTrade to Offer After-Hours Trading as Customer Demand Surges


In response to strong customer demand, SuccessTrade, Washington DC's first online brokerage firm, is now offering after-hours trading. With this addition, SuccessTrade customers will be able to buy and sell securities starting at 8 a.m., and until 8 p.m. each day. ``We are extremely pleased with the strong customer response to SuccessTrade,'' Fuad Ahmed, President and CEO of SuccessTrade said. ``This is the next step in our growth. Trading will now be extended from early morning to evening, to accommodate our customers even better.'' SuccessTrade has been online since November 1, 1999. SuccessTrade offers extremely fast trade executions, which can be completed online in a matter of seconds. It is one of only a few online brokerage firms that will represent customers through an electronic communications network (ECN). The ECN servicing SuccessTrade customers is NexTrade, one of nine SEC-approved ECNs operating in the United States. SuccessTrade has its own proprietary order routing and execution system called STORMS (Success Trade Order Routing and Messaging System). This system enables SuccessTrade to service thousands of client orders, while at the same time handling thousands of financial institution orders. SuccessTrade has designed its web site so that the average investor can buy and sell securities with tremendous ease. The site had been designed so an investor who has never done online trading will find it extremely easy. The ease of use, coupled with Standard and Poor's research and analysis, is designed to make each client's investment experience an informed and pleasurable one. Investors are encouraged to experience the ease of buying and selling with SuccessTrade by going to SuccessTrade is a registered broker dealer with the US Securities and Exchange Commission, and is a member of NASD and SIPC.
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