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NexTrade Joins Securities Industry Association

San Jose, Calif.(March 8, 2000)

NexTrade Inc., has been admitted as a member of the Securities Industry Association, NexTrade President, John Schaible, announced today.

SIA is the securities industry's trade association, representing the business interests of about 750 securities firms in North America, which collectively account for about 90 percent of securities firm revenue in the U.S.

NexTrade Inc., founded in 1995, is an SEC-approved Electronic Communications Network (ECN) as well as a registered broker/dealer and member of the National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) and SIPC.

NexTrade Inc., based in Clearwater, Florida, is an Internet technology firm committed to building the world's finest electronic securities trading systems. NexTrade serves a variety of financial institutions including market makers, mutual funds, hedge funds, other buy-side firms, on-line broker/dealers and traditional brokerage firms. NexTrade has developed proprietary software, Pro-Trade™, which allows retail clients of sponsoring firms to enter trades for execution on the NexTrade ECN. In 1999, NexTrade developed the world's first internet-based spot foreign currency trading platform, Matchbook FX, of which it is one-third owner. NexTrade has officially applied with the SEC to become a registered, fully electronic securities exchange.

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