NexTrade is a wholly owned subsidiary of Professional Investment Management Inc. in Clearwater, FL. As a privately owned company NexTrade does not disclose its ownership structure. We are an independent company without outside corporate ownership.

Strategic Partners

NexTrade is a founding member of MatchbookFX LLC, a revolutionary electronic matching system to spot foreign currency trading. MatchbookFX is powered by NexTrade's proprietary software and network systems. Our unique matching algorithm and unparalleled transaction processing speed make MatchbookFX the ultimate electronic execution system for forex trading. There is nothing else like MatchbookFX in the world.

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Other members of MatchbookFX include Valhalla Forex and GlobalNet

Technology Partners

NexTrade has entered into a technology partnership with Microsoft and Dell Computers. Microsoft is going to supply technology and software consulting. Dell Computers is going to supply NexTrade with all the hardware necessary to power the NexTrade ECN as well as all redundant sights and future expansion.

Founding Member of
MatchbookFX LLC