Network and Systems Architecture

Our client server architecture is extremely flexible and robust. The ECN is run by multiple severs that are powered by Hewlett Packard and Intel processors. NexTrade's system architecture is fully capable of scaling to meet the demands of a changing and growing marketplace.

Software Integration

Integrating your software platform into our execution system is simple. The NexTrade API is freely available and widely used in the financial industry. Our API allows developers to acquire all data needed, from the NexTrade execution servers, to make NexTrade a seamless execution option on any trading system. Using this API interface, developers can send orders directly to NexTrade.

Click on the download below to get the NexTrade API in .rtf format.

NexTrade API

Network Connections

NexTrade offers the widest variety of network options in the industry. Connections can be made over dedicated lines, ISDN, Frame relay through WorldCom, and even through an Internet connection. If you are interested in connecting to the NexTrade ECN please call our Sales department @ 1-800-399-0789.

For information on a frame relay connection through Worldcom please contact our Worldcom representative:

Joseph Gangi
or e-mail him @

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MatchbookFX LLC